We sell finished furniture and decorative elements
We sell finished furniture from famous designers using different types of materials, including wood, rattan, bamboo, leather. In our offer you can also find decorative elements. 



Thematic arrangements
In order to meet our clients needs we also offered thematic compositions. At our company you can order a baby room for example: pirate, and we can create a Hawaiian beach in the beauty salon. 


Tertiary premises equipment
In addition to the interior premises, we give the possibility of purchasing the equipment, for example: specialized hairdressers chairs , dental chairs, as well as household appliances to the restaurant. 



Special orsers
Sometimes an idea comes to mind and the desire of its implementation. You have a idea in your head of how it should look like a piece of furniture, but still nowhere to be seen. We will make furniture and decorative items made of wood, glass, stone, precious metals taking care that it retrace as much as possible the idea in your head. 


Manufacture of furniture

 Once we meet at your home, in the office, company we will propose special furniture to match your interior. We make modern furniture, in the most fashionable colors, as well as elegant classical furniture. Among other things, we suggest lacquered furniture, veneer sheets and interesting elements of glass, polymer and metal. We will offer a unique style not only in the room, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room and also outside the home, in the office, beauty salon, shop or other tertiary premises.



Interior arrangement and design
The interior of the house is not only the furniture, it is also the atmosphere that we create. Properly composed space makes for this atmosphere. Exquisite colors of the walls, elegant accessories, chic, modern appliances is all that we can design and prepare for you. 



Custom Components
If you want to make designed piece of furniture or decorate your apartment yourself, order needed items from us. In our offer there are furniture components, comprehensive service with the ability to transport or shipping courier.